Our Story


Our Story

At Dakota Delights, we believe in the magic of turning ordinary into extraordinary. Our story is one that began with a youthful passion for adventure, innovation, and the sweet joys of life. Founded by an 18-year-old Zoey Bohnenstingl in the rural town of Lidgerwood, North Dakota, Dakota Delights is all about transforming candy, fruits, and treats into delightful freeze-dried wonders.

The Beginning

In the heart of the Midwest, far from the bustling city lights, our journey began. Lidgerwood, North Dakota. It all started as a simple idea - what if we could capture the essence of our favorite snacks in a new and exciting way?

Our founder, full of ambition and a desire to create something special, embarked on a journey that would redefine what it means to enjoy treats. With a freeze-drying machine, they began experimenting with various candies, fruits, and snacks. Each trial was a step closer to perfecting the art of freeze-drying, and the results were nothing short of incredible.

The Dakota Delights Difference

Dakota Delights isn't just about freeze-dried snacks; it's about sharing the excitement of discovery and the joy of indulging in treats that are both delicious and wholesome. Our freeze-drying process preserves the natural flavors, colors, and nutrients, ensuring that each bite is as delightful as the last. We take great care in sourcing the finest ingredients, because quality is at the heart of what we do.

Our Vision

Our vision at Dakota Delights is to spread the delight far and wide. We want to redefine the way people snack by providing them with healthier, more convenient, and unbelievably tasty options. We aim to become your go-to source for freeze-dried candy, fruits, and treats that make every moment extraordinary.

Join Us on This Delicious Journey

From our humble beginnings in a small North Dakota town to the screens of snack enthusiasts worldwide, our story is one of passion, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to delivering the extraordinary. We invite you to join us on this delightful journey, explore our selection of freeze-dried wonders, and experience the magic of Dakota Delights for yourself.

Thank you for being a part of our story, and for allowing us to be a part of yours. Here's to countless moments of delight and discovery.